Paediatric Dentistry In Iyyappanthangal

Paediatric Dentistry In Iyyappanthangal

Providing primary, comprehensive, proactive, and therapeutic oral health treatment for infants and children up to adolescence, Paediatric dentistry is an age-defined specialty. At SV Dental Care, we offer children’s complete dental health care, which includes risk evaluation for caries in both the mother and the child as well as an oral health check for infants. We also offer preventative maintenance dental care, which includes food and nutrition advice in addition to cleaning and fluoride treatment. Crowns, fillings, and other procedures to restore or repair broken or missing teeth are examples of restorative therapies. Treating severe tooth pain or dental damage may be included in emergency treatment. Because we include the kids in enjoyable activities, we create an atmosphere that makes the kids feel very positive, making us the best paediatric dentist in Chennai. Our team of highly trained experts guarantees an excellent experience for your children in our clinics, both in the waiting area and in the dental chair. We provide services in Iyyappanthangal, kattupakkam, porur, poonamallee.

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