Root Canal Treatment In Iyyappanthangal

Root Canal Treatment In Iyyappanthangal

SV Dental Care is one of the top Root canal treatments at Iyyappanthangal in Chennai. When tooth decay reaches the point where it affects the dental pulp and nerve of the tooth, an infection develops at the tip of the tooth root, leading to discomfort, swelling, and occasionally a loose feeling in the tooth. In these cases, a root canal procedure is necessary. In these situations, a root canal treatment is necessary to preserve the tooth. It is possible for an infection to remain untreated for an extended period of time. As long as the gums and bone are healthy, the tooth that has a root canal will become numb yet stay securely in the mouth. Since the tooth lacks feeling, it is crucial to use a dental crown to protect it and prevent fractures. When receiving a root canal, a tooth could sometimes re-infect if the procedure is not done correctly or oral hygiene is ignored. Maintaining good dental health after receiving a root canal, maintenance is crucial to preventing re infection of the tooth from the surrounding teeth or the gums. In addition, failure to place a dental crown to preserve the tooth may result in re infection following root canal treatment. We provide services in Iyyappanthangal, kattupakkam, porur, poonamallee.

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